Our Mission
Clean Seal, Inc. is dedicated to selling the highest quality extruded rubber seals, fuel hose, and other various product lines to our customers, while providing exceptional customer service.  We honor GOD with our honesty and upstanding behavior in all business activities and interactions.  We strive to inspire our expert staff to be successful in all tasks performed, while being fair and understanding to all.  Our success, together, ensures a solid and profitable future to our employees, our customers, and to the owners of Clean Seal, Inc.
Our Core Values
>Integrity:  Being honest and sincere with others and having strong morals and values.

>Accountability:  Taking responsibility for work performed as well as how we talk to and treat others.

>Respect and Humility:  Showing admiration to others due to their abilities, qualities, or
                                            achievements.  Not putting yourself above others.

>Quality:  Excellent product or work.  Taking pride in the products you make and how you perform.

>Teamwork:  Working together, helping and building up each other to achieve success.

>Safety:  Concern for each other’s well-being.
>Thankfulness:  Gratitude and appreciation for Clean Seal, coworkers, and customers.
Our Vision
>To be known as the most reliable and highest quality supplier to each customer.
>Create a tight-knit team atmosphere that feels like a family.
>Maintain growth, profitability, and cultivate individual development for long term sustainability.